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To obtain a complete discharge from your liabilities on unsecured debts, such as personal loans, medical bills and credit cards, you'll need the services of a competent Chapter 7 attorney. This action puts an immediate halt to creditor harassment and collection calls and allows you to free up your budget instead of stressing over late payments.

An individual or business should consider filing for bankruptcy in the following circumstances:

•  Collection agents and creditors are making frequent calls

•  The debt amount of unpaid bills is at a point that repayment is


•  Creditors are threatening or have commenced repossession or


•  A lawsuit, wage garnishment or another action could affect your

   credit or property

Is Bankruptcy the Right Choice?

Wethington Law Office realizes that making the decision to pursue bankruptcy isn't always an easy one. We take the time to analyze your unique financial circumstances and goals, and we believe in helping each client with individual, personalized service. Our objective is to make you as comfortable as possible with the process.

Ease Your Financial Stress with Chapter 7

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