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"Bankruptcy is all we do"

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Protect Your Home with Foreclosure Services

You don't want to do it to your family.  You don't want to displace them.  You don't want them to be homeless.  The foreclosure attorneys at Wethington Law Office have experience keeping people in their homes in the Indianapolis region.  Call us today at 317-781-8888 for a FREE consultation.

Because foreclosure prevention is often a complex process, it's important to seek an experienced foreclosure attorney to ensure the best legal protection. As with many people, you may have felt that foreclosure would never affect you. Let our dedicated team of lawyers show you options to avoid foreclosure.

Knowledgeable lawyers fight for you

For sound foreclosure advice in Indianapolis, the sooner you call our office at 317-781-8888, the sooner we'll be able to help you with your financial problems. Our practice is focused on helping clients get their finances back in order, and our legal team works hard to attain the best solutions for anyone that's dealing with a potential foreclosure.

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Experienced lawyers fight to keep you in your home.

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