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"Bankruptcy is all we do"

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Relieve Creditor Anxiety with Legal Services

The emotional weight of creditor anxiety can be crushing.  Get experienced relief with the legal services of Wethington Law Office.  Our lawyers have decades of combined experienced, and they will fight for you.  Call 317-781-8888 today to schedule a FREE consultation.

It's essential to remember that there's hope for debt relief and ways to stop creditor harassment. At Wethington Law Office, we help clients with Chapter 13   and Chapter 7 bankruptcies. If you desire to end aggressive collection attempts, the first step is calling our law office for help.

Lawyers Stop Creditor Harrassment

Even if you're significantly behind on monthly payments or have substantial debts, there are laws designed to protect you against certain actions used by creditors. Wethington Law Office is experienced in assisting clients who are overwhelmed by debt, and we can halt threatening letters, calls at home or work, and other acts of intimidation.

Lawyers provide you options

End aggressive collection attempts

Take control of your mounting or unmanageable debts