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Prevent Your Car From Being Repossessed

Get back on the road and back to your life with your returned vehicle.  Wethington Law Office in Indianapolis may be able to assist you in getting your vehicle legally returned and further attempts halted.  Call 317-781-8888 today for a FREE consultation.

Depending on your financial circumstances, there are several options regarding the filing of bankruptcy. Debtors with an overwhelming debt burden often choose Chapter 7 as a way to gain full protection from creditors and to relieve most debts quickly.  This course can be a great way to gain a fresh new start to your financial life. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to make payments based on your financial abilities.

Bankruptcy Prevents Vehicle Repossession

In order to fully stop car repossession and other similar actions from occurring, it's essential to consult a lawyer with a comprehensive track record handling bankruptcies. We at Wethington Law Office fully explain to each client how their case will proceed and the available protections under bankruptcy law.

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