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"Bankruptcy is all we do"

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Bankruptcy Provides a Way Out of Financial Trouble

If you are one of the many Americans facing financial crisis, losing sleep to the threat of repossession or being constantly harassed by creditors—it may be time to consider bankruptcy. A skilled bankruptcy attorney from Wethington Law Office can stop the harassing calls and slow down or even stop action to repossess or garnish your wages.

The thought of having a lawsuit and judgment against you from collection entities can be very scary and requires a seasoned legal firm like Wethington Law Office in Indianapolis to safeguard your interests.  When a debtor has fallen behind on payments, creditors can file a lawsuit for judgment to collect. We're here to protect you against these actions.

Lawyers Protect You from Lawsuits

Many people turn to bankruptcy as a solution as this process stops all further collection attempts immediately, which includes judgment resulting from civil action. We can also file a dispute through the court regarding any stated charges and fees on record.

Reach a Solution through Bankruptcy

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